We develop public images and stage-manage brands in their specific environments. Regardless of the medium of communication, the scope of the task or the size of the client, we first analyze the personality of the brand before translating it into unmistakable visual concepts for corporate design, digital media, packaging, exhibitions or trade fairs.

GOOD DESIGN, we believe, contributes to the success of brands and products. We welcome the fact that numerous clients from the areas of culture, automotive, finance and consumer goods agree with us wholeheartedly in this regard, and have been putting their trust in us for many years.

An experienced team of colleagues from the fields of architecture, photography, illustration, interior design, art, multimedia, product design, strategic planning and copywriting is on hand to support us when a project requires it.

Founders /

Nicola Ammon /

studied Design at Mainz University of Applied Sciences.
From 1996 to 2001 taught at Mainz University of Applied Sciences,
specialist area: interactive media and media art.
Founded GARDENERS in 2000 with Ines Blume.
2010/2011 lecturer in Foundations of Design at
Mainz University of Applied Sciences. Visiting professor at Hochschule Mainz
terms 14/15 and 15/16. Member of German Designer Club (DDC) since 2010.
Member of the jury for the DDC “Gute Gestaltung” design competition in 2012 and 2015. Jury DAM Architectural Book Award 2017.

Ines Blume /

studied Design (M.A.) in Offenbach,
at the Royal College of Art, London and in Kyoto.
From 1992 to 1999 worked for a number of renowned clients
before founding GARDENERS with Nicola Ammon in 2000.
Featured in numerous national and international exhibitions and publications.
Member of German Designer Club (DDC) since 2010 /
Member of the jury for the DDC “Gute Gestaltung” design competition
in 2011, 2013 and 2017 / DDC International Advisory Committee Member.

Awards / German Design Award Winner 2020
Red Dot Design Award 2018 Winner
(Signage Historical Museum Frankfurt);
German Design Award Nominee 2013
iF Communication Design Award 2012
Nominiert für den Designpreis Deutschland 2011
Red Dot Design Award 2009
(Corporate Design Deutsches Architekturmuseum);
DDC Gute Gestaltung 2010
(Schneidersöhne Giftwrap-Edition);
iF Communication Design Award 2003
(AEG Packaging);
ADC New York 2002
(GARDENERS Annual Mailing)

Studio /